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With our Health and Life coaching, you will revive the most important truths of life you have long forgotten: you deserve happiness, success, love, and respect. We will also help you regain self-confidence, boost your self-esteem, and learn to live a life aligned with that truth.

With our certified health and nutrition coach, you figure out what is and isn’t working for you, find a better diet to feel healthy and lose weight, and discover the new techniques of taking care of yourself.
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Carol Dalrymple

Health, Life Wellness Coach

“Health Coaching has taught me how to take care of myself and focus on making my nutrition better. Instead of following the latest diet fad, I changed my habits and developed a Lifestyle Change, which has benefited me, my family, and friends. Health coaching taught me about what our body requirements are and to make significant changes in our eating habits. Through our certified health coach training sessions, we can increase your mental and body awareness, get in shape, set and attain new lifestyle habits.

As a certified health and nutrition coach, I work with my clients focusing on the present and future while we touch on the past but move forward to attain your goals. The process has helped my clients to grow and begin accomplishing what they once thought was impossible.”

What do we mean by Master of Habit Change™?

My role as a health and wellness life coach is to help clients master healthy habits that serve them for life and to address any underlying issues that may be preventing them from following through with their goals.

Health Coaching: What it Is and Why It Matters

Certified health coach training is a service-based profession wherein a trained coach works in close partnership with a client over a period of time (usually a minimum of 90 days) to achieve a desired health outcome.

Coaching was once a little-known profession, but it’s been rapidly on the rise in recent years as global health has reached a crisis point. At Carpe Diem Health and Wellness Coaching , we believe that in 10 years’ time, everyone will have a Health Coach and or Life Coach.

Why? As a society, we’re more unhealthy, stressed, exhausted, overweight,  instead of investing in proactive measures to be as preventative as possible, and burnt out than we’ve ever been before. Lifestyle diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity are at an all-time high, and the current healthcare model’s answer is to spend money, time, and energy treating disease reactively instead of investing in preventive measures. In fact, according to the CDC, 86% of all healthcare dollars ($2.9 trillion and growing) are spent treating chronic diseases.

This is where Health Coaches come in. Health Coaches are at the forefront of a massive paradigm shift in the way we proactively approach society as a whole. 

According to the book, The Sage Handbook of Coaching, “The dissemination of coaches and coaching principles across the healthcare spectrum – to leaders, the provider workforce, and the entire population in clinical, corporate, community and consumer settings – is positioned to make a vital contribution to the reinvention of healthcare systems globally.”

Instead of treating symptoms, Health Coaches focus on disease prevention, total body health, and appropriate nutrition for each individual since we all tend to have different responses to certain foods. Health Coaches help people improve their health and happiness, change their habits, and empower clients to be advocates for their own well-being.

Did you know that some scientists believe up to 95% of human behavior is a result of habit? That’s why so many of us struggle to make lifestyle changes that stick, even when we know we need to and our resolutions are strong. We’re creatures of habit unfortunately…which is why it can be so difficult to make changes without support or accountability to help with follow through.

Health Coaches intervene in that space between the gravitational pull of habit and the desire for lasting change. They help people cross the bridge .

Doctors, dietitians, and other practitioners often don’t have the time to help their clients stay motivated and follow through to get lasting results. Without the right support and accountability, client’s default to old habits and the vicious cycle continues, or gets worse, with often negative results.
That’s why more and more individuals and corporations are turning to affordable life and wellness coach for help. Getting healthier and accountability for follow through with their health and wellness goals. They recognize the expertise, accountability, and support coaches can provide with healthy lifestyle design and facilitating positive behavioral change.

A client may choose to work with a Health Coach if they want to:

  • Lose weight
  • Increase energy
  • Reduce stress
  • Discover how to use food as medicine
  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle
  • Prevent or manage lifestyle disease
  • Bypass traditional medicine in favor of natural alternatives
  • Be happier
  • Take a holistic approach to health (mind, body, spirit)
  • Feel more vibrant and alive
  • Improve mental clarity

Our Services.

We help our clients in leading a better life by offering the following services.

Life Coaching.

Our life coaching will teach you to make yourself happier and feel good about yourself by changing your lifestyle.

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Sugar Talk

Our life coaching will teach you to make yourself happier and feel good about yourself by changing your lifestyle.

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Our Services

We help Our clients in leading a better life by offering the following services


14 Day Cleanse

The package will help you detox your body and provide healthy eating tips to make your metabolism faster.



We help you fall in love with your body by teaching good eating habits and making your old habits fall away by being replaced by  better,  healthier for you habits.


Sugar Talk

Our Health coach will help you learn to balance your blood sugar leading to a better and healthier you.  Discover why we crave sugar and experience “The Sugar Crash”.

Life Coach 90 Day Transformation Program

Group session

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions that our clients usually ask. If you do not find the answer to your question here, feel free to send us a message.

A health coach spends the time to help someone figure out what their personal health and wellness goals are, how they intersect and affect them holistically and help them develop strategies to overcome issues that might be blocking them, whether it’s that they want to lose weight, reduce stress, sleep better or lower the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I’ve worked with nutritionists, physicians concerning IBS and “Leaky Gut” and other health concerns.  I know a lot about nutrition, health, mindfulness and wellness, and I want to share that in a more direct way with people. That’s what attracted me to health coaching—it seemed like a natural evolution for me.

Most people know what they should be doing to improve their health and prevent various diseases—the best nutrition plan for them as individuals, the right type of exercise—but they may not actually be doing these things! They don’t have the know-how; they’re confused by all the conflicting information out there and the competing diets, as well as all the studies being reported. A health coach can support them by homing in on the health and diet information that’s relevant to them as individuals. They can provide step-by-step tools to create permanent changes for their health and well-being.  A Health Coach is also an accountability partner and is transparent on goals and objects for each client they work with.  We all might have similar goals but our minds and bodies act in specific ways that are individual and a health coach can help you target and put into action what best works for you – the client.

My take on health coaching involves creativity, transparency, harmony and balance between the mind and body, because that’s a big interest to many and even myself. I help people access their creativity to reduce stress, lose weight, improve their health and increase their enjoyment of life.

Typically, you meet with a health coach once a week for one hour. It can be over the phone, via Skype, Zoom, Facebook or in person. The program lasts anywhere from three months to six months to longer.

We help you shape your body, lose weight, and get healthier by making your nutritional choices better. Through health and wellness coaching.

Yes, we are certified.  Certified Health Coach, Certified Life Coach.  Carol has a BA in Psychology and a Masters of Science in Counseling with over 20 years experience,  

We have over 12 years of experience in mental health counseling, Behavior Specialist, and provided Mobile Therapy meeting the client where they were in their environments.  Also specializing in working with those with Autism and those around them.  For more information contact us.

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